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Welcome to your fur kid's holistic Spaw!

We are a boutique pet care facility whose first priority is the happiness and well-being of your four-legged loved ones. All of us at Miami Dog Spaw are experienced in handling dogs, and are here to provide exceptional and compassionate grooming and care in a clean, safe and upscale environment. Our goal is to creates a feeling of confidence and comfort when pet parents leave their furry kids in our hands. 

Holistic grooming and care is the practice of grooming your dog in a stress-free environment in order to provide optimal health for both their body and mind. At Miami Dog Spaw, when we treat your fur baby we will look at them as a whole. Being passionate about dogs and their well-being, we believe in patient and understanding care with all, but especailly those that may be new to grooming, nervous about being handled, or are aged, ill or disabled. To help promote a relaxing and stress-free environment, we strive to schedule by appointment only and we limit the amount of dogs at a time. Another aspect of holistic grooming and care is only using high quality products which are essential for healthy skin and coat. We do not compromise health for cost and have selected the best and safest products available. 

We welcome any questions you might have, so please do reach out to us.


5841 NE Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33137

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